Telesto “dry” mist technology was originally developed with fire protection and firefighting specifically in mind- its unique properties allows it to be a nearly universal fire suppression agent that is simultaneously safe for humans and the environment.

Best-in-class Atomization and Minimal Usage of Water = Minimal/No Water Damage

Thanks to its ability to break water into extremely small particles- averaging just 25 microns, and the fact that Telesto technology draws upon very small amounts of water, Telesto EXTINGUISHmist technology is capable of extinguishing fires without causing the enormous water damage that is so typical of traditional high pressure fire hoses or fixed sprinkler systems. This is possible because essentially all of Telesto’s “dry” mist particles vaporize in a fire zone or the surrounding atmosphere before they wet a surface. In comparison, it is estimated only a maximum of 10% of the water released from a fire hose or sprinkler system gets vaporized in a fire- the remaining 90% causes water damage, the value of which frequently far exceeds the damage caused by flames.

Telesto hose reel devices use only 9 liters per minute (2.4 gallons per minute) to 14 lpm (3.7 gpm) of water whereas its fixed systems use as little as .5 liters per minute per nozzle (.13 gpm per nozzle). In a practical sense this means that a Telesto hose reel device requires less than the equivalent of 2 bottles of mineral water and 9 seconds to extinguish a diesel fuel fire burning over 1.5 meters of surface area.

Low Pressure System Design = User Safety, Ease of Use & Low Cost + Fire Victim Rescue

Telesto atomizes water at very low pressure, just 4 bar (58 psi), and this provides several advantages over high pressure technologies: 1) it allows the technology to be deployed as a portable hose reel device, 2) it uses low cost, off-the-shelf parts, and 3) it features easy handling and none of the “kick” of high pressure fire hoses. And last but not least Telesto’s delicate, non toxic mist can be used to “envelope” persons threatened by flames in a fire incident for the purpose of securing and rescuing them, something not possible with high pressure liquid water, foam, dry chemical, CO2 or Inert Gas devices.

Universal Fire Suppression Agent

Telesto technology extinguishes all common classes of fires with the same “dry” mist, specifically:

  • common combustibles
  • flammable liquids
  • flammable gases
  • electrical devices
  • cooking oil & fats

Telesto EXTINGUISHmist effectiveness has been tested and confirmed by internationally recognized fire protection certification agencies including DMT (Germany), MPA (Germany), PAVUS (Czech Republic), BRE (United Kingdom), LPCB (United Kingdom) and CNBOP (Poland).

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