SafetyChef is a water mist system designed for protection of kitchen hoods, especially in places prone to the fire risk due to the presence of edible oil e.g. fryers.

Every child would know that water should not be used to extinguish oil on fire. Every house care taker, who has ever tried doing that is aware of the size of fire that can be generated if water is poured onto on oil fire. This is due to the fact that water is heavier  than oil and it goes under the surface of oil where it abruptly evaporates thus causing the fire to grow. If water mist is used - this is not the case. Tiny water droplets evaporate in the fire environment and extinguish the flame, furthermore they cool down the oil to prevent re ignition.



Telesto SafetyChef watermist suppression system has been designed to provide eco-friendly solution for restaurant, hotel and industrial kitchens. Unlike water, watermist is capable of extinguishing edible oil fire safely and in seconds thanks to its enormous cooling capability.

SafetyChef uses no chemical additives - pure water is used to extinguish the fire and thus almost no clean-up is necessary after the fire has been extinguished and the kitchen can restart its operation immediately.

Innovative water mist SAFETY CHEF systems are based on clear water as extinguishing medium,  which is why after the system is used it is enough to clean the wet surfaces and continue operation,

Places, where using SAFETY CHEF water mist system will be most beneficial:

  • restaurant kitchens
  • hotel kitchens
  • fast food chain stores in shopping malls
  • kitchens in schools, hospitals, canteens, etc.

System characteristics:

  • Limits post fire damage as it uses no chemicals
  • Ideal for locations that would suffer greatly in case of lost business due to prolonged break in operation
  • Does not require involvement from the staff when in operation

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