Water Mist Hose Reel Devices

Telesto Water Mist Hose Reel Devices, like traditional high pressure fire hoses, are portable fire fighting devices intended for use by personnel in office and commercial buildings, warehouses, and production facilities to extinguish small and medium fires. But in comparison to traditional liquid water hose devices, Telesto devices offer enormous advantages thanks to the capabilities of the “dry” mist generated from their patented nozzle. Telesto devices:

  • extinguish all common classes of fires. Telesto hose reel devices extinguish not only wood, paper and other ordinary combustibles like a traditional liquid water fire hose but they also extinguish fires that until now required non-water based fire suppression agents such as foam, dry chemical or inert gases. Telesto is extremely effective on fires involving flammable liquids (like gasoline or cleaning fluid), flammable gases (like methane, butaneor heptane), electrical equipment (everything from computers and consumer electronics all the way up to high power transformers), as well as cooking oil (such as those occurring in deep fat fryers). So one Telesto device replaces an entire range of traditional fire extinguishing devices.
  • cause little or no water damage to property or equipment. Though generated from regular tap water, Telesto mist is actually a”dry-to-the-touch”gas that no longer has the properties of a liquid (e.g. it does not conduct electricity, it does not cause thermal shock when coming in contact with electronics or delicate equipment parts nor does it wet an object when applied for normal periods of time). It is also significant that the amount of water used by a Telesto device on a per minute basis is as little as 1% of that used by a traditional high pressure, liquid water fire hose. These properties mean that collateral damage to equipment and property will be minimized or even avoided completely when a Telesto device is used for extinguishing purposes. For comparison’s sake, as anyone who has surveyed the aftermath of a fire extinguished by a high pressure fire hose can attest,a traditional fire hoses will cause significant water damage to property and equipment during the course of an extinguishing exercise due to the enormous amounts of water it releases. The same collateral damage issue holds for other technologies such as dry chemical, foam, and CO2;
  • provide the operator and the environment unprecedented levels of protection. Not only is the “dry” mist generated from compressed air and water 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly, it also offers the operator protection from a fire’s radiated heat and smoke. The gentle mist can also be used to secure and rescue persons who have become trapped in a fire scene and are threatened by flames. Other fire suppression technologies including high pressure water, foam, dry chemical, CO2 and inert gases are considered harmful to humans and the environment.

Telesto offers two versions of its water mist hose reel cabinets:

  • H-1000 - water mist hose reel cabinet with 30 meter (198 foot) hose that is connected to on-site water and compressed air supplies. data sheet
  • H-3000 - water mist hose reel cabinet with self-contained water and compressed air supply and 30 meter (198 foot) hose. Allows for fire protection anywhere. data sheet

Telesto recommends installing water mist hose reel cabinets wherever maximum protection of personnel, equipment, property and the environment is important, including areas already protected by sprinklers or other specialized fixed systems. In a nut shell, Telesto devices may be thought of as a non-toxic, environmentally friendly first line of defense against fires that have the potential to save lives and avoid costly collateral.

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