How to stand heat in the city? Hot builings, squares, pavements, and the scorching sun.

What a day... Hight temperatue on a hot summer day

Telesto has a way to fight the heat on hot summer days - water mist curtain!

TELESTO Water Mist curtain is a great solution for city managers, fire fighter and owners of other areas. It is easy to use - it is enough to connect it to a fire hose available on each fire truck and the system is ready to use and to provide gracious cooling mist.

It does not require  any specials installation, it can be placed virtually anywhere in 1 minute, and then eastily moved to a different location

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TELESTO Water Mist curtain is available in two versions: STANDARD-Breeze oraz MAXI-Monsoon with water usage of  17,4 l/min and 290 l/min respectively and the diameter of mist stream of 8m and 18m.

Find out more about TELESTO Watermist Cooling Curtains!

Call +4822 648 83 38 or +48 661 400 446  or e-mail us telesto@telesto.pl to fin our about the pricing and availability

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