EXTINGUISHmist - Water Mist Firefighting Technologies

Handheld Fire Extinguisher Technology, Hose Reel Devices & Fixed Systems for “Multi-purpose / Multi-friendly” Application:

Water Mist Extinguisher with Telesto technologyThe “dry to the touch” water mist technologies that are at the heart of all Telesto products were originally developed with fire fighting in mind. As can be seen in the below table, they can extinguish all common classes of fires without causing collateral damage to property or equipment while simultaneously assuring 100% friendliness to humans and the environment. Thanks to device portability and the inherently non-toxic nature of water mist, EXTINGUISHmist hose reel and fire extnguisher devices can now provide first responders the heretofore not available capability to spray suppression agent directly onto victims threatened by fire without the fear of causing them harm and thus swiftly and efficiently execute rescues. In comparison, no other fire suppression technology utilizing liquid water, dry powder, CO2, halocarbons, halon, or AFFF foam can perform this function. Nor do these other agents feature the same application breadth or the economic, human-friendliness, environment sustainability or safety benefits as EXTINGUISHmist.


With respect to effectiveness, Telesto EXTINGUISHmist has successfully passed testing criteria established by leading international authorities including Underwriter Laboratories (USA), MPA Freiburg (Germany), BSI (United Kingdom), CNBOP (Poland) and many others.

*classes listed are according to the Euro Austrailasian fire classification standard. According to US NFPA standards, Telesto EXTINGUISHmist extinguishes Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (flammable gases and liquids), Class C (electrical devices) and Class K (Cooking oils and fats) fires.

Why is universal applicability important?

The fact that EXTINGUISHmist has universal applicability across all common fire classes is important because it accelerates fire incident response time and reduces the need to carry multiple types of fire extinguishers. Equipped with an EXTINGUISHmist device responders can attack a fire immediately without having to worry about whether the agent is appropriate for the type of fire, whether it will cause collateral damage to equipment  or injure persons. This is important because response time is the main factor that determines the extent of a fire’s harm to life and property. In addition, adoption of Telesto EXTINGUISHmist technology means sites won’t have to stock multiple types of fire extinguishers- one Telesto-enabled device will do. This simplifies logistics and saves money.

Avoidance of Collateral Damage- potential for enormous cost savings

EXTINGUISHmist fire extingushers and hose reel devices use extremely small amounts of water- the handheld fire extinguisher technology uses just 6 liters of water per minute (1.6 gallons per minute) whereas the hose reel device 9 to 14 liters per minute (2.4 to 3.7 gallons per minute). In the case of the hose reel device this is particularly dramatic since its usage volume represents just 1% of the amount used by traditional fire hoses. This minimal water usage, combined with the fact Telesto nozzles generate super fine “dry to the touch” droplets (from 25 to 60 microns average diameter), means the mist quickly vaporizes in the fire zone and surrounding atmosphere and causes no harm to delicate equipment parts. This avoids losses and get sites back “back to business” faster. In comparison, water from a traditional fire hose or agents such foam, dry chemical powder or CO2 will causes significant equipment damage.

EXTINGUISHmist “Green Technology”- Sustainability from a human and environmental standpointConcerns regarding the effect of traditional fire suppression agents on global warming, environmental pollution and human health are growing,  for good reason. The once widely used fire suppression agent Halon was removed from commercial usage due to its significant harm to the earth’s ozone layer. Dry chemical is an agent created in the aftermath of earth scarring open pit mining, the utilization of millions of liters of water and processing using tons of sulphuric acid. The agent is harmful to humans, destructive to property and pollutes the water table. Other agents such as AFFF foam, FE36 and Halotron 1 may one day be removed in the future due to their deleterious impact to the eco-system and toxicity to man. Telesto EXTINGUISHmist technologies on the other hand uses only small amounts of de-mineralized or tap water and have no negative impact on the environment or to man.

Operator Safety and Fire Scene Victim Rescue

Telesto EXTINGUISHmist devices are based on dual fluid, low pressure technologies that are reliable and safe to use. The mist stream generated from the nozzle helps shield operators from a fire’s radiated heat and smoke, providing protection not seen from most fire suppression technologies. Furthermore, should victims be threatened by fire, EXTINGUISHmist  can safely secure them from flames and smoke and give responders the time necessary to rescue them. In contrast, rescuing victims is problematic with high pressure water, foam, chemical or dry powder because these agents in and of themselves can be harmful to humans.

EXTINGUISHmist Product Portfolio

Hand portable Water Mist Fire Extinguisher Technology

Telesto technology for hand portable fire extinguishers are based on T-Rotor Technology® that consists of a proprietary nozzle and phase regulator that can be incorporated with any manufacturers cylinder and valve, either stored pressure or cartride-type. It produces a mist stream with droplets 60 microns average diameter up to 4 meters in length (13 feet). Extinguisher capacities are possible between 1 liter (0.25 gallon) and 9.4 liters (2.5 gallons). Telesto partners have certified extinguishers with authorities according to EN3 Classes A, B, C, E and F.

On-Vehicle/Trailor Mounted Devices

Telesto EXTINGUISHmist technology is available in a hose and reel device that can be mounted onto existing fire trucks, light vehicles or trailers. The device’s 60 m (198 ft) hose allows good access to fire incident scenes and its extremely low water usage guarantees long lasting fire fighting capacity, greater than 10 times longer capacity from a given amount of water than traditional fire hoses. And the device can be configured with a foam generating option that enables the securing of combustibles, such as forest undergrowth, that have the potential to re-ignite post initial extinguishment.

Stationary Hose & Reel Water Mist Cabinets

For industrial environments, Telesto offers EXTINGHISHmist technology in several cabinets with 30 m (99 ft) hoses:

H-1000 Water Mist Cabinet- Fire extinguishing device that is connected to in-house compressed air and water supply.

H-2000 Water Mist Cabinet- Fire extinguishing device connected to in-house compressed air and water supply. Includes option for applying foam.

H-3000 Water Mist Cabinet- Fire extinguishing device with self-contained water tank and compressed air or nitrogen gas supply. Allows for use in locations where in-house water and air supply are not available.

Custom Designed Fixed Water Mist Systems

For the protection of equipment or property in large halls or production facilities as well as in closed machinery spaces , computer rooms, archives, etc., Telesto offers custom designed  fixed systems that can be based on various water mist generation technologies including T-Rotor Technology®, FEN Technology, mMist technology, etc.

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