Water mist systems help reduce water usage in meat processing plants

Water mist is way for effective meat cooling and water savings.
Droplets in the mist stream are several hundred times smaller than in traditional sprinkler systems. As a result, from the same amount of water a much larger
number of droplets can be obtained. Such droplets more precisely cover the surface to be cooled and, due to evaporation, more effectively remove heat from hot products.
An eco-friendly way to save
Furthermore mist cooling is both environmentally and economically justified. Compared to the traditional method, product cooling using a mist system can reduce water consumption and wastewater production by up to 70%.

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How Telesto technology supports coronavirus challenge!

Telesto technology can be effectively used to disinfect rooms/wagons/buses and other indoor locations. Very effective dispersion of only 0.5 liter water/minute makes disinfection possible in single minutes!
Click the movie to see the effect of a single nozzle in a large hall.
This technology combined with a disinfectant such as water with active oxygen can be a fast and cheap solution for challenges related with coronavirus!

coronavirus the-most-efficient-desinfection-of-any-compartment

Watermist vs Powder

Comparison of powder vs watermist in an office setting

Bus, coach and heavy vehicle engines safe with tested water mist system


In October 2018 a system designed together with our partner I-Cat we have passed tests for fire suppression system for buses and coaches SPCR 183 and heavy vehicles SPCR 199 out  at RISE Sweden. The system will be offered around the world to the partners of both parties. We are lloking forward to enquiries from the remotest locations!

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