Bus, coach and heavy vehicle engines safe with tested water mist system


In October 2018 a system designed together with our partner I-Cat we have passed tests for fire suppression system for buses and coaches SPCR 183 and heavy vehicles SPCR 199 out  at RISE Sweden. The system will be offered around the world to the partners of both parties. We are lloking forward to enquiries from the remotest locations!

Dust suppression system in Kozienice Power Plant comissioned

Telesto dust suppression installation 2018-06-07

Telesto’s dust suppression system sold and installed by TELESTO SA, a daughter company representing Telesto in Poland, was finalized. The system protects conveyor belts and a tippler in a coal power plant in Kozienice (Poland), owned by ENEA Wytwarzanie SA.

The system is one of the most modern dust suppression systems with a high degree of automation.

Transformer extinguishing testing finalized

Telesto water mist transformer extinguishing

Telesto water mist transformer extinguishing


Telesto has finalised tranformer extinguishing testing witness by an accredited laboratory. The mock-ups of the transformers were builit and extinguished accoring to an agreed scenarios compliant with CEN/TS 14972. We are waiting for the official report to be published to confirm the effectivness of Telesto water mist in extinguishing transformers of up to 132 kV.

Telesto at first Polish IWMA seminarin Crakow

Telesto IWMA Seminar Crakow2017-11-20

Telesto has a pleasure to take part in the first water mist IWMA seminar organised in Poland in Crakow. Together with other Polish and international speakers we were educating local participants about the benefits of water mist in various applications using both the theory as well as case studies that demonstrates the advantages of water mist.

Press coverage of the event (in Polish) can be found under this link: http://www.zabezpieczenia.com.pl/podsumowania/miedzynarodowa-konferencja-ochrona-przeciwpozarowa-z-wykorzystaniem-mgly-wodnej

Telesto at 17th International Water Mist Conference in Rome


17th International Water Mist Conference organized by IWMA took place in Rome. Telesto presented water mist applications in industrial settings. We showed the results of test of an innovative solution for the water mist protection of conveyor belts in mines. The system was tested and installed in mines in South Africa. Feel free to contect us for details.

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