SCRUBmist - Telesto technology-generated mist consisting of trillions of 5 to 15 micron-size droplets used to clean industrial enviornments of airborne dust particles and minimalize the possibility of dust explosion.

Telesto SCRUBmist systems generate particles so small, and in such quantities, they are electrostatically attracted to dust particles and cause the particles to agglomerate and fall out of the air. And they do so using minimal amounts of water, as little as .3 liters per minute per nozzle. Compared to traditional sprinkler based systems that use multiple liters of water per minute, Telesto systems save resources, lower costs. In applications such as biomass transport at power plants, these features mean that Telesto systems do not increase the moisture in the biomass and maintain its quality- a critically important aspect for power plant burn efficiency.

SCRUBmist Dust Neutralization Benefits

  • Improvement in staff working conditions
  • Longer equipment life
  • Lower probability of dust explosion

TELESTO Dust Suppression for Mining and Power Plant Applications - download a PDF presentation

Telesto - Extinguish
Telesto - Cleanse