SCRUBmist - Dust Neutralization & Explosion Threat Mitigation

Telesto sp zoo is pleased to announce it has formed a  daughter company, TELESTO S.A., to focus exclusively on dust suppression water mist systems. Please visit their website - to learn more about their solutions.

Telesto SCRUBmist systems are extremely effective at removing minute airborne dust particles from work environments and serve to improve working conditions for staff and machinery while at the same time vastly decreasing the possibility of workplace dust explosions.

SCRUBmist systems generate trillions of 5 to 15 micron-size particles from a single liter of special nontoxic cleansing solution. These droplets are so small they are electro-statically attracted to dust particles, causing agglomerations to form which subsequently fall out of the air. Compared to traditional sprinkler type systems that generate drops thousands of times larger and use multiple liters of solution per sprinkler per minute, Telesto SCRUBmist systems are vastly more effective at eliminating dust, plus they use as little as .3 liters per nozzle per minute, saving resources and lowering usage costs. Even more importantly the system does not increase the moisture level of the goods or materials being processed- a major problem of sprinkler or other “mist” systems. This latter feature is particularly important in applications such as biomass transport at power plants where maintaining the original moisture level of the biomass is an extremely important aspect for the fuel’s burn efficiency.

Telesto SCRUBmist systems also compare favorably to dust vacuuming systems. Vaccuming systems require major capital outlays to enclose the environment in question and the installation of heavy duty dust removal equipment. In addition, these systems simply move the dust from area to another but the dust and explosion potential have not necessarily been resolved. Telesto SCRUBmist systems are significantly less costly and are installed in the open air or within existing structures. And they definitively resolve the dust problems at their source.

Summary of SCRUBmist Dust Neutralization Benefits

  • Improvement in staff working conditions- improved staff productivity
  • Longer equipment life cycles- less frequent replacement outlays
  • Vastly lower probability of dust explosion- increased safety


SCRUBmist Applications

  • Coal mines
  • Power generating plants
  • Wood working facilities
  • Rock quarries
  • Cement factories
  • Other industrial facilities where dust is a problem


Contact Telesto to learn more about existing SCRUBmist installations and the benefits realized by customers.

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