TELESTO at 14th IWMC in Istanbul - 22-23 October 2014

imwa1 14th International Water Mist Association Conference will be held in Instanbul 22-23 October.  (

On the 23rd Telesto representative - Mr Zygmunt Łada will be presenting about water mist systems for local applications.

Detailed plan of the conference canbe found at

Next Gen Fire Extinguisher Technology

gasnica_mglowa_telesto_ogniochronJewel Saffire Products Ltd. of the UK, Ogniochron S.A. of Poland and Ceasefire Industries Ltd. of India, some of Europe and Asia’s leading fire extinguisher manufacturers, have introduced water mist extinguishers based on Telesto technology. Jewel Saffire has introduced 1 l, 3 l and 6 liter E-Series extinguishers (see, Ogniochron 3 and 6 liter versions (see and Ceasefire 2 l, 3 l and 6 l Hydro Pyroquell units(see ).

These Telesto-enabled extinguishers are unique in the industry for their “multi-purpose, multi-friendly” capabilities. They extinguish fires in ordinary combustibles like wood and paper, flammable liquids like gasoline and diesel fuels, electrical appliances such as computers and TVs as well as cooking oils. The de-mineralized water suppression agent  is safe for humans, property and the environment. No other hand portable fire suppression technology can claim the same application breadth and people, property and environment friendliness as Telesto EXTINGUSISHmist.

  • Water mist extinguishes are particularly recommended for protecting:
  • public and recreational facilities,
  • offices,
  • museums,
  • schools,
  • medical facilities,
  • archives,
  • industrial and residential kitchens.

Discussions are underway with additional manufacturers around the world and announcements of new partners are expected in the near future.

See the EXTINGUISHmist section of our site for additional information about this exciting next generation technology. 

EU Funding

euefrr_cent-kolorinnowacyjna_gospodarkaTelesto was awarded EU strategy development funding  to promote the export of its products under the auspices of the EU Innovative Economy Operational Program for 2008-2013.

Platinum Award for IP Management


Telesto was awarded the Platinum Award of Excellence in IP Management during the III International Forum on “IP Management - the Key to Successful Economy” organized by IP Management Poland in cooperation with media partners TV Business (TV Biznes) and New Business Life (Nowe Życie Gospodarcze).

“Innovation Leader 2009″


Warsaw, December 17, 2009 Telesto was honored with the 2009 National Innovation Leader Award in a competition organized by the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry Regional Development.

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