glowicaThe distinguishing feature of Telesto’s award winning award winning dual fluid, low pressure technology is its ability to atomize liquids into extremely small droplets and carry the droplets on an air stream. By adjusting  nozzle design, water volume and air pressure parameters, Telesto is able to control the qualities of the mists it generates. Droplets can range in size from 10 microns to 150 microns while mist streams may be limited to several centimeters or extended up to 12 meters. This unique flexibility allows Telesto to create optimal mist solutions for a broad range of applications.

Why are small droplets important for application effectiveness?
A critically important differentiating feature amongst atomization technologies is droplet size. The smaller the droplets created from a given amount of liquid, the greater the overall surface area that’s available for use in practical application. For example, a liter of liquid water features as little as 20 square centimeters of surface area. A liter of water broken into 50o micron-sized droplets by a high pressure water mist system features up to 12 square meters of surface area.  By comparison, a liter of water atomized by Telesto technology into 10 micron sized droplets provides 600 meters of surface area. The larger the surface area that’s generated, the greater the vaporization, cooling, and coverage potential of the liter of water. Vaporization and cooling are two of the factors critical for fire extinguishing. So this means that a liter of Telesto atomized water will much more effectively extinguish a fire than liquid water, or a competing water mist made up of larger droplets. And furthermore, since essentially all of the Telesto mist evaporates in the fire source or surrounding atmosphere, it won’t cause the collateral damage to property like liquid water or large droplet mists. For decontamination, ramadaTelesto atomization technology is vastly more effective at coverage than traditional technologies and insures significantly less solution will be needed to decontaminate any given number of objects. This generates cost savings with respect to solution usage. And since less is used, Telesto technology also minimizes the undesired release of the solution into the environment . For dust neutralization, Telesto droplets are extremely effective at bonding with airborne dust particles and thus do an excellent job scrubbing them from the air, thereby improving worker health and safety conditions and decreasing the likelihood of a dust explosion.

Nozzle Portfolio
Telesto has created a family of nozzles specifically designed to fire extinguishing, decontamination and dust neutralization applications.