About us

konstruktorzyTelesto designs, develops and markets devices and systems that utilize its patented technology to atomize liquids into super fine mists for firefighting, dust control, object decontamination and a growing number of other applications.

The company is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland and operates research and development, testing and manufacturing facilities in Suchedniów, near the city of Kielce.

Cooperation with Research Institutions
Thanks to being at the leading edge of atomization technology, Telesto cooperates with many renowned universities, research institutions and certification agencies. Through its partnerships the company seeks to develop and commercialize mist solutions in various market segments including those where water mist is presently not being used.

Telesto has cooperated closely with the Polish National Firefighting Academy, Scientific & Research Center for Fire Protection (CNBOP), Military Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology, Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry and National Center for Mine Rescue. It also partners with Wroclaw University of Technology and Warsaw University of Technology. It has conducted testing witnessed by various intitutions, eg LPCB (United Kingdom), MPA (Germany), PAVUS (Czech republic), FM Global (USA) and DMT (Germany).

krawatCustomer Service and Quality a Priority
Telesto offers off-the-shelf devices as well as custom solutions specifically designed to customer requirements. Company experts oversee each project from conception and design through installation, testing, handover and service.

Telesto is committed to rigorous internal quality assurance and has been certified to internationally recognized standards ISO 9001: 2000 as well as ISO 14001: 2004.

Telesto in the world
Besides a strong presence in its home base of Poland, Telesto technology is now generating ever increasing interest abroad. In response to this demand the company has launched subsidiaries in Germany and South Africa and is presently growing its presence in a number of additional countries via local partners.


Telesto has won numerous awards and recognition since its founding, including:

  • 2008 - 2 Kamerton Innovation Awards (award committee composed of representatives from Rzeczpospolita Financial Daily, Lewiatan Association of Employers, Dunn & Bradstreet Poland, BRE Export Bank  and Manager Magazine) for “The Most Innovative Company” in the small company category, and “Best Usage of EU Funds for Innovation Development” .
  • 2008- American Chamber of Commerce in Poland „Green Product of the Year Award” –for the most ecologically friendly and sustainable product.
  • 2008- EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show Competition”, Special recognition in  “Fire Protection Equipment” category for  “H3000 Water Mist Hose & Reel Device With Self Contained Water & Air Supply”.
  • 2006 – EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show Competition” Special recognition in  “Firefighting Vehicles – Specialized  Class “  category for “First Response Vehicle with Water Mist Extinguishing and Decontamination Functions”
  • 2004 – EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show- Special Recognition Award in „Fire Suppression Agent” category  for “Next Generation Water Mist Fire Suppression Agent”.
  • 2004 „Golden Helmet Award for Most Innovative Product” by Poland National Fire Chieftelesto_iso_14001