Patents, Certificates & Awards

Telesto has been awarded patents for its handheld extinguisher, hose reel and fixed system technologies in countries around the world. Additional patents are pending. Please contact the company for additional information.

Certificates of Compliance:

Telesto has completed EXTINGUISHmist system and device testing with institutions around the world.

Handheld Fire Extinguisher Technology

Certifications have been done via licensee manufacturing partners at official laboratories in the UK, Germany, India, Poland, Turkey and South Africa at ratings up to EN3 13A, 21B and 75F. Additional certifications in other countries are underway or planned for the near future.

SAFETY CHEF Restaurant Kitchen Protection System

Telesto has completed testing and received a certificate with LPCB according to LPS 1223. The listing is available in the online Red Book Live catalogue online:

Hose Reel Device

- MPA Dresden (Germany)- certified compliant on EN3 Class A, B and F fires as well as fires in electrical devices up to 245 kV;

- CNBOP (Poland)- Compliance certificate for Class A, B, C, E and F fires(European Australasian standard).

Fixed Systems - Local Application & Total Flooding Dual Media Supersonic System (FEN)

-MPA Dresden (Germany)- certified compliant on EN3 Class A, B and F fires

-tested according to FM Approvals Fixed System for the Protection of Local Applications test protocole - report available

-tested according to FM Approvals Fixed System for the Protection of Machinery Spaces, Special Hazard Machinery Spaces, and Turbine Enclosures with Volumes up to 2825 ft3 (80m3) test protocole - report available

Fixed Sprinkler (Closed nozzle) Systems Total Flooding

-tested according BS-8458 & BS-8489 for Domestic, Residential and Commercial applications. Details available on request.

Company Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 iso-9001-2015-eng

ISO 14001:2015 iso-14001-2015-eng

NATO Quality Standard AQUAP 2110:2006:

Awards and Recognition:

2010 - EU Funding Award Telesto was awarded EU funding to develop a strategy to promote the export of its products under the auspices of the EU Innovative Economy Operational Program for 2008-2013.

2010 - IP Management Award Telesto was awarded the Platinum Award of Excellent in IP Management during the III International Forum on IP Management - the Key to Successful Economy” organized by IP Management Poland In cooperation with media partners TV Business and New Business Life

2009 - Innovation Leader Telesto was awarded the National Innovation Leader Award 2009 in a competition organized by the Ministries of Economy, Higher Education and Regional Development.

2008 - Kamerton Innovation Awards (award committee composed of representatives from Rzeczpospolita Financial Daily, Lewiatan Association of Employers, Dunn & Bradstreet Poland, BRE Export Bank and Manager Magazine) for“Most Innovative” in the small company category and “Best Usage of EU Funds for Innovation Development” .

2008 - American Chamber of Commerce in Poland „Green Product of the Year Award” -for sustainability.

2008 - EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show honorable mention for “H3000 Water Mist Hose & Reel Device with Self Contained Water & Air Supply”.

2006 - EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show Competition” honorable mention for “First Response Vehicle with Water Mist Extinguishing & Decontamination Functions”

2004 - EDURA Firefighting Equipment Trade Show- Special Recognition Award for “Next Generation Water Mist Fire Suppression Agent”.

2004 Golden Helmet Award of the National Fire Chief Poland for “Most Innovative Product